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These are titles for my self-published books: "The Man From Tennessee," "Midnight Sunlight," "The Message From God," "One Crazy Man," "Politics," "James Reesor Campaign Ideas," "Truth, Love, and Beauty," "Press Release," "The Adventures of Tom Blankenship," "Life & Death," "Then," "Smart Readers of Tennessee," and "Words."    

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These 3 Messages were posted on my FACEBOOK site: 17 May 2010

New friends are always welcome! If you are a political opponent or one of their supporters, start reading. Also, months of comments are found at the “FACEBOOK MESSAGES by REESOR” message board. Click and read to see if I’m sane or crazy. http://amerijerichoadvisorycouncil.yuku.com/forums/84/t/FACEBOOK-MESSAGES-by-REESOR.html
If you’re a registered voter in Tennessee, remember me as “the last resort” candidate. This is my campaign slogan: “Vote Smart for A Change… even if it’s for someone else.” I’m a White Horse Independent with new ideas about how our state can be made better. Visit my web site and click hundreds of links for more info: http://www.jamesreesor.com
Tomorrow will be Tuesday the 18th day of May – the 2nd anniversary of my entry into the 2010 campaign as a gubernatorial candidate. I was the first among all contenders to announce, but the Tennessee media has decided to ignore me and every press release found on this web site: http://www.jamesreesor.com/Reesor2010CampaignPressReleases.html 

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I like doing ordinary things like loving my family, creating oil paintings, playing Internet chess, reading books, visiting friends, thinking about Amerijericho and walking at the mall.


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